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The Moving to Opportunity Fund

A scalable impact investing model for breaking the cycle of poverty

The Challenge

For low-income kids growing up in concentrated poverty,
the American Dream is an empty promise.

Research shows that enabling these kids to move to higher opportunity communities dramatically improves their life prospects. But historically, there has been no scalable model for doing so. 

We want to change that.

The Mission: Social Impact

 Our mission is to pioneer a model capable of putting

low-income children born into concentrated

poverty on the path to college.

The Model

We are a social impact focused real estate investment firm.
Real Estate Investing

We acquire high quality apartment buildings in communities with

top-ranked public schools

Housing Mobility

We reserve a portion of the units for low-income families with children from neighborhoods of concentrated poverty

Supportive Services

And we provide internally funded mobility counseling and supportive services

A New Paradigm

Our ultimate goal is to pioneer a model that is
self-sustaining, scalable, and replicable.

With overhead and supportive services costs covered by management fees, the Fund requires no philanthropic support


By delivering market rate returns, we can tap into a virtually unlimited pool of mainstream capital


Once replicated by others, the model has the potential to provide hundreds of thousands of kids with access to top-ranked schools


Our partners are nationally recognized experts.

"A child's course in life should be determined

not by the zip code she's born in,

but by the strength of her work ethic

and the scope of her dreams."

Barack Obama

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